Wednesday of the 4th week of Lent
First reading – Isaiah 49:8-15
“I will never forget you”. How consoling is this Word of God! God will never forget me. And He describes that His relationship to me is better than the relationship of a mother to her child. So how much personal and intimate is the relationship of God to us! This is the reality that should be the driving force of our life. His love is very concrete as we can see in the words of the prophet. He will answer when we call. He will help me when I am in need. I will be freed from the prison of my darkness. I will never be hungry or thirsty. Wind or sun will never plague us. And He leads us to the springs of water. And He will prepare the way for my journey. Look, how concrete is the love of God. This concrete love must be responded by us with our gratitude. This concrete love, we must acknowledge in our life. In this intimate love, we must find consolation and joy. Let’s reflect: Lent is the time to acknowledge more and more the intimate and concrete love of God.