A testimony of healing

On March 26, 2021 Our daughter, Bianca, was born at the hospital in Gliwice. As a result of perinatal complications, the child was diagnosed with acute circulatory and respiratory failure, meconium aspiration syndrome, DIC syndrome, collapsed left lung, and severe birth asphyxia. She was resuscitated twice: right after giving birth and in the ambulance during the transport to the neonatal intensive care unit in Zabrze. The child’s health was very serious, the doctors did everything they could to help her, and they were unable to do anything else. They said, “We are doctors, not God. Please pray.

Bianeczka’s parents, grandparents, friends and other relatives prayed for her. We asked the Sisters from the Monastery in Brzezie for a prayer and she was put in prayer and incorporated into the Novena, to the Servant of God, Sister Dulcissima. The grandparents went to Brzezie to visit the grave of sr. Dulcissima to ask for her intercession to God for the grace of health and life for Bianca.

Daily prayers led Bianca to throw off her respirator after Easter, began to breathe on her own, and began working hard for her life. The child’s condition was still severe, but the doctors said it was a miracle that the child had survived such a serious condition and one should thank God. The condition improved day by day and after a month Bianca left the hospital and we were able to celebrate our baby.

We believe that it was Sister Dulcissima’s intercession and prayers that led Bianca to be with us. Today we rejoice for our daughter, who still has a long way to go to her full recovery, but we do not forget to continue praying through the intercession of Sister Dulcissima.

Please keep on praying. God bless you

Grateful parents of Bianca.

Racibórz, May 30, 2021