Saint Joseph’s friend from finances

Since this year is proclaimed by Pope Francis “the Year of Saint Joseph”, I would like to share with you my friendship with this saint.

Devotion to St. I have always had Joseph, before I entered our Congregation, I knew the litany to St. Joseph by heart. I always tried to entrust many things through his intercession, especially … financial matters … He never refused to help me.

I remember two specific situations in my life.

While I was in Bardo Śląski, the whole community of sisters knew that I had a special devotion to St. Joseph. I was the supervisor then. The house was very large and constantly something broke or needed renovation. Unfortunately, there was not enough money for it. I prayed to my Friend, St. Joseph to help us with these financial matters.

One morning, when I was going down to the chapel, I saw in the corridor in front of the entrance to the chapel that there was a statue of St. Joseph with an envelope in his hand. (I will just add that this figure has never stood there before). I well remember the words I said aloud then: “Oh, its and you, how did you get here?” After a while as I spoke these words, from down the hall, I heard the laughter of the sisters who hid around the corner. It was the youngest sisters in the community who put this figure. As I mentioned, Joseph had an envelope in his hand and, as it turned out, there was money in it. I admit that I was very happy because we were able to renovate such a large room, which we could allocate for a retreat for pilgrims coming to our house and for joint sister meetings.

I never found out where the money came from and who gave it to us (the sisters never told where it came from). However, I believed that it was St. Joseph took care of it.

The next situation happened when we needed money to renovate the kitchen.

Trusting in the help of St. Joseph, I entrusted the whole matter to him and finding money for its renovation.

One day there was a retreat for pilgrims in our house. Then I helped the Sisters in the kitchen and I remember that we were talking about the renovation. At one point the priest who was preaching a retreat with us (now he is a bishop) entered the kitchen. He greeted us, approached me and the kitchen and hands me an envelope, saying: “This is from St. Joseph for my sister ”. The envelope contained enough money to renovate the kitchen.

I remember these two situations in a special way, although there were still many of them.

I love St. Joseph very much. I also call him diminutively “Józefek, help”, I am asking him to come up with “something” and save it. And he has always helped and put wonderful people on my way of life. And it helps to this day. He is reliable in helping. In some matters he works right away, in some you have to wait longer for His intercession, but He always helps and intercedes, you just have to really trust Him, believe and ask for His help.

S.M. Borgia Drobina