Before the year comes to an end, I would like to share about a very special day in November 2021.

As in every of our other houses, there is also a bell here on the Klosterberg that rings for the Angelus and not only reminds us to pray here, but also all the people who live, work or relax here in Cochem

Since our old bell was already 100 years old – it cracked and so it only rattled.

Almost two years ago this situation was addressed, checked and then it was planned that we could buy a new bell.

Months and weeks passed due to the Corona situation – we didn’t hear anything from our bell.

When our provincial superior visited us in the summer, I raised this issue again and she took our concerns with me to the meetings in Berlin.

Soon the information came – that the order for a new bell had been given to the bell foundry in Brockscheid in the Eifel.

Since the planning was already completed almost two years ago – it didn’t take long before we received the information that the bell would be cast on October 14, 2021. Brockscheid is only 39 km away from Cochem and so we could, i.e. two employees and I be there during the casting.

None of us had never had the opportunity to be part of this before.

Everything was well prepared and work could begin.

The whole family was integrated. The senior boss attached great importance to the fact that before the work started – we pray together so that this work of art succeeds.

It was a challenge for everyone to pour the material, heated to 170 degrees, into the special mold.

In doing so, I noticed how much one was dependent on the other to look and react. The well-rehearsed team faced this challenge with flying colors.

The work was done in a few minutes and we drove home with new experiences and enthusiasm with a good feeling.

The bell then had to rest for a certain time.

A good two weeks passed before the bell was brought to us.

We had time to plan the consecration of the bells but until the consecration of the bells, we first placed them in our refectory.


After a good planning with the facility manager, we set the date of the consecration for November 9th.

Brother Michael (Franciscan of the Holy Cross) a friend of our convent and the house saw it as a great honor – to consecrate our bell. Yes, this special day also fell at the time when our Superior General Sister Sybilla and Vicar Sister Petra visited the convent on the Moselle. So, they could also experience this happening – also our co-sisters from Treis Karden.

Of course, our residents also took part.

The mayor of the association, Mr. Lambertz, and our city mayor, Mr. Schmitz, were also happy to accept our invitation.

Also, the senior boss from the bell foundry, Mr. Schmitt came, he explained to us all the tones that the bell will ring.

He himself has participated in many bell consecrations – but it was such a great experience for himself – because the bishop was present at all the other bells consecrations, -but as with us, visitors from Rome – he has never experienced that in his past working years

On that day there were wonderful encounters that everyone will remember for a long time.

Not only we but – also the people of Cochem enjoy the beautiful bells – which can be heard from the Klosterberg to all over the city.

Long may it now sound to the glory of God and to the joy of people.


God gave me joy!

See! Like a golden star

out of the sleeve, bare and flat,

the metal core peels off


From the helmet to the wreath

it plays like the shine of the sun

also, the coat of arms nice shields

praise the experienced pictures.


(Text from the bell by Friedrich Schiller)




Sister M. Felicitas