Tota Tua Mary!

It all started at a community meeting before Advent. One sister said: “… let’s do something for Mary”, it somehow strongly corresponded with my desire to make a 33-day retreat in the community and surrender to Jesus through the hands of Mary, as proposed by St. Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort. And so it happened, as a community but individually, who also had such a desire, on November 29, began a retreat in which Fr. Marcin Modrzyński with his reflections (cf. One Heart 33 days with Mary to Jesus).

We share a piece of today’s service …

“Immaculate Mary, Bride of the Holy Spirit, we greet you and praise the fruit of your womb. We come to you, Mary, after 33 days of retreat, to tell you: Tota Tua, all yours. Ark of the Covenant, we want to hide in Your Heart, because It is the safest place where Satan has no access. Hide us in your womb, so that you may give birth to us anew, to a new life.

Mary, by the act of giving ourselves to You, we want to say that we trust … giving You everything, we believe that You, as the best Mother, will take care of our every need, and above all, that we may be like You and that we faithfully fulfill God’s Will and they have not lost eternal life.

Mary, Mother of beautiful and pure love, we want to do everything with You, through You and in You, so that You may be better known and loved, that Your Immaculate Heart may overcome!

Mary, as a Community, but also, each individually wants to bring you the act of entrustment and accept from You a white rose, a symbol of purity and beauty, humility and fidelity, a symbol of the grace that you ask for us, so that we may persevere on the way we follow and today in a sense, which we are re-starting.

Tota Tua Mary! All yours!

S.M. Agnieszka Plasło