Solemn weddings in Carmel

Four years ago, our sister Bernadette made the decision to move from our Congregation to Carmelites to continue her path of dedication to God in an enclosure. The time of trial in Carmel in Częstochowa lasted for four years, during this period Sister Bernadette tried to discover in the new reality how God really wants to lead her through life. It was also the time needed for the new community to look at the candidate and her calling to live in the cloister, to decide to adopt forever to their enclosure. On September 4, 2021, the solemn vows of Sister Bernadette of Jesus took place, with which she confirmed her choice to live with Jesus as an enclosed Carmelite sister forever. Sister Bernadette lived, worked and prayed for many years as Sister of Mary Immaculate, and as she says our Congregation and our sisters will remain in her heart and prayers forever. We are glad that we have a (spiritually) Carmelite sister who supports us with prayers from outside the enclosure. We wish her that she will find her greatest happiness in Jesus and in the place where she is. We remain in prayer with her.

Sisters of Mary Immaculate