Birthday in Cochem

Happy 100th birthday

Here is a small excerpt from the work of our sisters in the St. Hedwig retirement home in Cochem. The convent is small and the sisters are mostly old and partly self in need of care. But they continue to try to help and do the services that they can still do. In addition to their praying presence with and for the residents, contact with the residents, employees and visitors in the house is very important to them.

The superior of the convent, Sister M. Felicitas, regularly visits the residents in the senior citizen center.

This time it was a very special occasion, because Ms. K. was 100 years old and so she brought the congratulations to her.

Ms. K. can no longer get out of bed, but she is very grateful for every visit and is happy about the conversations. Ms. K. is very interested in all the news in the house and in the city of Cochem.

May she continue to trust in God’s help and thus walk the path into eternity.