March 19, 2023 was an important day in the history of our Congregation. The previous German Province was restructured into the German Region, because the number of Sisters continues to decrease and the Sisters are more and more in need of help.
In the previous Provincial House, in the Convent of St. Augustine in Berlin, Archbishop Heiner Koch celebrated a festive Mass together with Prelate Stefan Dybowski on this occasion. At the end of the Mass, Superior General Sr. M. Sybilla Kołtan read the decree establishing the German Region. She then presented the new Regional Superior, Sr. M. Cordula Klafki, with the Decree of Appointment and an icon of St. Joseph. St. Joseph is a religious patron of our Congregation and the Superior General entrusted the German Region to the protection and assistance of St. Joseph.
The new Regional Superior, Sr. Cordula, had already held the office of Provincial Superior since 2006 and the Superior General thanked her for her many years of faithful service and her willingness to continue to help shape the destiny of the Congregation in these difficult times now also as Regional Superior.
After the service, the Sisters sat with the Archbishop and Prelate Dybowski over coffee, cake and a joyful exchange of ideas. Sisters from the other branches of our Congregation also came and there was a lively sharing.
This memorable day ended with vespers together.
May St. Joseph be a good and faithful companion of the new Region of our Congregation.