Like every day, I have our sisters who live in the care sector, today too I visited.

Yes, and there was such a nice conversation with our sister Franziska and I don’t want to keep this to myself.

Sister Franziska is 95 years old (I reported on her birthday party in October 2020.)

When I sat down with her today, she said to me: “Do you know who I was” just thinking of – my answer – well, I can’t know that, because I can’t read minds.

“Well, dear Sister Superior – I thought of Mother Roswitha. She was our Superior General when we came to the monastery in the 1950s ”.

I said: I’ve only seen her once, but I’ve heard a lot from her – many sisters say – she was very strict.

Sister Franziska again – no – it wasn’t like that – she followed the straight way. She had to put things in order first. The sisters were scattered everywhere after the escape and she then looked for them together.

You know – she looked stern and proud too – but her heart was warm.

We could already be seen with her.

The Holy Spirit  led her – otherwise she would not have made it all.

Love was always felt in its severity.


I am really very impressed with this conversation, because I could not have heard more convincingly about it.



Sister M. Felicitas

from the Klosterberg in Cochem