An afternoon together on the Klosterberg in Cochem

Psalm 90 says:

“Our life is 70 years

and when we are healthy it’s 80. ”

and sometimes there are even more …

so it is

with our prayerful woman

Sister Modesta,




because on August 24, 2021

we celebrated her 95th birthday.


And … in a proverb it says:

“You should always celebrate the festivities as they come.

Who knows exactly

when the opportunity arises again. ”




Yes – and so it was a nice occasion to invite the sisters from Treis Karden to join us.

They were also happy to come.

As always, we first met in our chapel for a little impulse from Jörg Zink.



Lord of my hours and my years.

You gave me a lot of time.

It’s behind me and it’s in front of me.

it was mine and it will be mine

and I got it from you.


I thank you for every stroke of the clock and for every morning that I see.

I am not asking you to give me more time.

But I ask you for a lot of serenity to fill ,

every hour with your thoughts on me


I ask you to take care not to kill my time

do not drive away, do not spoil.

You bless my day


We thanked God for the life of our sister Modesta.

She was able to experience a lot and it was often a very difficult time –

but she always and in every situation entrusted herself to God and, as she said, “No matter how bad it could be – I have always been able to rely on God. He never left me alone. ”



One of her favorite songs is:


 “Whoever believes is never alone….

Whoever believes is never alone! You, Lord, will be with us

with your power that creates life.

Whoever believes is never alone.

You are Jesus, the Son of God, you are close to all people.

You invite us to friendship

You want life to be in abundance to us in time and eternity.


You called Peter, your disciple, a rock that carries us:

As a fisherman, as a herdsman, bring together what goes astray,

in time and eternity!


You give people who follow you on your path, what is called love.

Stay with us with your spirit, future and hope he promises us

in time and eternity!


You are hope for all people on the streets of this world.

Give peace and unity!

Give us the truth that will set us free in time and eternity!

You are Christ, door to life, you give everything, you take nothing.

Love is your power.

Remain, Lord, with us day and night in time and eternity!


“Whoever believes is never alone….

Of course we then also listened to this song together.


Then there was coffee, cake, sandwiches and good conversation in the refectory.

Well and an addition – there had to be a surprise too….

As agreed – after a while there was a knock on our door and when I opened it, two employees were standing with the ice cream truck and wanted to serve us.

They were of course greeted with strong applause and then each sister could choose which ice cream she would like to have …

with hot cherry, eggnog, chocolate sauce – or … or … ..

Yes, this surprise really worked

and it wasn’t the only one –

Sister Modesta was really happy about the post from the generalate, the post from the provincial superior and the mayor of the association and city, and the congratulations from the senior citizen center with a very beautiful bouquet of flowers that the home manager and the nursing manager personally presented.

Many thanks to everyone – for that !!!


YES, we are grateful that the oldest sister from the German Province lives with us here in our convent on the Klosterberg.

May God reward her for all the good she has done in our congregation and the many people she has met

and give her a new blessing every day.



Sister M. Felicitas