Memories of sister Lucia (Eugenia Jakubowicz)

On Sunday morning, August 2, 2020, our sister Lucia (Eugenia Jakubowicz), who from 1976 was associated with the Care and Treatment Center for children in Piszkowice, and from 1985 she was constantly managing the Center, passed away. Over the years, she not only built a high-class center for sick children, but above all created an unusual atmosphere of love, kindness and trust in God in every matter. For this special attitude to her pupils, in 2017 she was awarded the Order of the Smile, the highest international award granted by children. Sr. Lucia was very modest and never liked to talk about herself – both about her successes and about the suffering that she also experienced very much while fighting cancer. Now let those who knew her every day and are witnesses of her life speak.



It is impossible to close someone’s life in a dozen or so sentences. It is impossible to put into words work, meeting, devotion and sacrifice in everyday life. Anyway, these descriptions are usually very similar to each other and, somehow, can be attributed to each of our departed loved ones.


To understand what life was like for sister Lucia, you must first visit Piszkowice and spend some time there, meet the pupils, see the specifics of the place and people. A place where something happens 24 hours a day. Because it’s not a workplace. Over the years, the sisters have built a real home there, and at home, they do not look after family members at specific times. One is at home, lives and lives. It is built together, being ready to help at any time. Once you get to know the children, you need to talk to those who are involved in the daily life of the center. From sisters, to medical staff, to people cooking in the kitchen or smoking in the boiler room – the family that was established in Piszkowice was created by each of these people.

Everything you see has to be overlaid with stories that will not always be told by those you meet there. The legal system meant that the house in Piszkowice was struggling with financial problems all the time. While the sickness fund paid for medical care, it did not contribute to the ongoing support of the children. Those, often left behind by parents, were in a sense invisible to the social welfare system – so there was not enough money for clothes or equipment for learning or playing. You may not hear about it in Piszkowice. Because problems were not discussed, problems were solved. Each day was filled with work from morning to evening. And next to her, as it is at home, the birthday of each of the household members was celebrated, small successes were celebrated, the end of the school year, children’s day, St. Nicholas’ Day were celebrated … in Piszkowice she rushed so quickly that we believed that the place and the people who take care of the house are eternal.


Now you will probably ask why there is so much houses in Piszkowice in this memory, and so few sisters Łucia? It was all Lucia. It was she who created the house from 1976 until the very end. It was she who created a family from people working from home. It was she who looked after the children, ensuring that they had everything they need. She never complained … It was sister Lucia who created Piszkowice as we know it. Of course, she didn’t do it herself, but everything that happened there was because of her. We don’t know a softer person. Full of humility and peace. Full time for others. Because Sister Lucia always had time. Yes, its time, cut off from rest or a moment for yourself. She was always ready to give it to other people. When more diseases fell on her, nothing changed in Piszkowice. As subsequent diagnoses spoke about the deteriorating condition, and the doctors even ordered rest, Sister Lucia repeated her daily ritual, in which prayer interwined with time for the patients, employees of the center, and guests.


She had called a lot more in the last week. Even for a moment, just to throw one sentence – “Please pray” – and dropping it, she went back to work. The last time I spoke to her was Saturday, August 1 at 4.45pm. She knew how serious the situation was in the Center, she left me asking, “What will happen now?” In a calm, strong voice. She gave all her life to God. I don’t think she’s scared. Rather, she was curious how God would solve this – her – case. She asked for a prayer, we assured her. We made an appointment on the phone on Sunday. I never heard her again. I have known Sister Lucia all my life. She believed in God, she believed in people. She always gave chances and always held out her hand. She talked about how every man can fall, but no one should keep falling – and that you must always be able to help him, try to help. From the small Piszkowice she saw the world far wider than the great travelers saw it. There, by deed, she showed what she believed and what she understood. I have known her always the same, until the very end.


Words won’t tell you much about Sister Lucia. Her Piszkowice will tell you about her.


Radek Michalski




Sister Lucia was a very modest woman with a big heart, in which there was a place for everyone. You could quietly immerse yourself in prayer with her, and in a moment organize a great undertaking for the good of the children who were all of her world. Sister Lucia always put each person and their problems first. She could listen to the softest whisper. She helped everyone without exception, and for the smallest, most disadvantaged and abandoned, she was like a mother. The words of Sister Lucia ring in my ears all the time: “… remember, you have to be good to people like bread, because good always returns, not here on earth, then there, in heaven.” And she was just like that, good as bread. Now she looks down on us and I know that she will be asking God for favors for us, guarding and protecting her beloved Piszkowice, as she did all her life.


Edyta Tomczak – accountant from Piszkowice



Sister Lucia was a good woman. She shared the love she drew from Jesus and Mary. She had a special devotion to St. Joseph and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She was open to the needs of the children she loved as a mother and she cared for them. She was enterprising – she expanded the compound to improve the living conditions of children, she dug a well so that there was no shortage of water. This sister was open to the needs of others, everyone in different situations received help, which she provided with kindness and a smile. Despite experiencing a serious illness, the sister fulfilled her duties to the end in an attitude of humility and trust in God.

  1. Agata Jank




Sister Lucia from my childhood, as far as I can remember, is a person who for me was an example of how to offer a heart to a person in need! An heartily good woman! Now, being a person of consecrated life myself, I see in Sister Lucia an example of fidelity to her religious vocation!


Father Piotr Ossowski OMI





Sister Lucia – A person who has translated love and faith in God throughout her life into love and faith in other people. She loved people with all the pros and cons. She appreciated every gesture, even the smallest one. I think that she went to the Father’s House fulfilled and full of faith that she leaves people on earth who will continue her work. Rest in peace, dear Sister.


Dominik, a rehabilitator in Piszkowice




Due to the difficult epidemiological situation and the desire to participate in the last farewell of many people, the date of the funeral will be set at a later possible date.