Memories of holidays in Rome

I am for the second time on vacation in Rome. Someone could ask why Rome? Is there no other places to rest? Well, they are. And we choose and my choice was just one. In Rome, I find what’s old and what is new and continues. The city of Rome shows the face of the empire and its size, power, majesty and strength. The empire that has fallen and remained only in textbooks and monuments. Nothing on the Earth can last forever. Only the kingdom of Jesus is eternal, but he is not from this world. The empire fell and faith in the Son of God continues. The second face of Rome is a place where about 1000 churches are located, where every day, so close to each other, the presence of God in the Eucharist takes place. I belong to the followers of Jesus Christ, here is my place in the Church, where the human authority is about the God’s authorities. The Pope is subject to God and on his behalf he proclaims the Gospel. We are all brothers and sisters and greater power has the one who serves. Our superiors in union with the Church serve communities and support them. It’s great that in a place like Rome there is our religious house. I feel welcomed here and always overjoyed in my heart. The international community inspires me to look for communication words and thus to broaden the thinking horizons.

In my opinion, there is need to create a good community:

– First want to have it

– want to be with it (shared moments)

– want to be in it (when I share with others)

I hope each of us can create a community.


S.M. Sylwia Frączek