Tuesday 25 October

Tuesday of week 30 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 13:18-21
Seed and yeast, both contains the vitality inside them to act and to produce the effect. What they need is the favorable conditions, for seed to grow and yeast to leaven. This is what is about the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God has its innate power. From our part what we must do is to create favorable conditions that the Kingdom of God incarnate. But unfortunately, often we are busy taking the role of Kingdom of God ignoring the duty to create favorable conditions. Losing the trust in the efficiency of the Kingdom of God to realize itself and having the trust in the structures to create the Kingdom of God is the problem. The Kingdom of God is working in silence, and it will work in silence. Kingdom of God needs only our docility to the Word of God. Let’s not hinder the growth of the Kingdom of God by our over enthusiasm and faith in structures. The silence of seed in growing under the soil and the yeast in leavening in the flour is not passivity. It’s the active realization of the Kingdom of God in its favorable conditions.