Long-time missionary, S.M. Innocencia passed away

Sr. Innocencia was one of the first founders of our missions in Tanzania. Below we present the biography which Sr. Innocencia wrote a few years ago.

“I entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate in Katowice in 1963, I had my veil on August 16, 1964 in Wrocław. The first Profession on December 8, 1966 in Wrocław. My first job in the Curia was the secretary of Bishop Bednorz. At that time, I also attended the three-year Catechetical School. Working in the office did not give me satisfaction and I undertook this effort with the hope of changing my job. It happened, although it was not easy, because the Bishop did not want to fire me. It was with great joy that I went to teach the children in Brzezie, that was my element and I joyfully brought the children closer to God. In 1971, on 08/12, I made my perpetual vows. Brzezie is like my second home. Working among you, I learned to grow up in mercy. Noble Omy and Starki with their lives opened the way to the future for me. By teaching children, I got to know not only them but also their families. My stay here prepared me for my missionary trip, and it happened. In 1972, I went to Tanzania, a different world that did not scare me. The beginnings were difficult, the difficult of the language. It was the first thing to sit with the children on the first steps, and they were teachers. I went everywhere with pen and paper, writing down words. And so was learning at an accelerated pace. In my favor, I quickly learned to speak. Lots of children came every day, so the priest said we would open a kindergarten. And so it happened, in the great square in front of the house, children gathered. It was fun, singing, games and other activities made the children happy. Then we started building a kindergarten and looking for older girls to help, we succeeded. Work flourished and bore fruit, children acquired culture and religious education. On the bishop’s order, there was work among Catholic women, setting up household help, teaching hygiene, cooking, sewing, growing vegetable gardens and culture. It was beautiful, but linguistically difficult. The time came that I was able to finish my Swahili language course at Lake Victoria and the problem was solved. Despite other classes, I started teaching children religion in the school. The beginnings are always difficult, but I wasn’t afraid of them. We started various construction sites, a boarding house for girls, a house for women, we had a lot of farmland. We adopted cooking in our style, and breeding was better year after year. I loved children and these people and I left a piece of true love there. I knew I was needed, and with them I experienced a feeling of hunger and joy. Today, in Tanzania, we have our black Sisters, and I am with them in my prayers and various gestures of help. I was in Tanzania for 21 years, I came back because various ailments did not allow me to stay longer. After my return, I returned to Brzezie, worked in the sacristy and prepared small children for Early Holy Communion. It was wonderful. After the lapse of time, I went to Gorzów to the Bishop’s Curia as superior, and after a few years to Studzianna in the same capacity. I was in Domachów, Strzybnica, and now I’m in Brenna Leśnica. Brenna is beautiful, we work with young people and people who come to rest, we have places, please. ”

From Brenna, Sister Innocencia, due to a serious illness requiring care, was transported to

Provincial House in Wrocław. The Lord took her to eternity on January 26, 2021.

May her soul rest in Peace.