Lived unity in diversity

Testimony from a Tanzanian sister in Germany

When I came to Germany 8 years ago, I was very happy because I wanted to help my fellow sisters. But first I had to learn or get to know a lot: the language, the culture, the people … The beginning was very difficult. But gradually it got better. So I could e.g. I don’t speak German, but with a lot of patience and practice I can speak now. I am very grateful for that, especially for the help and patience that I received from the sisters and many people here in Germany.

Many sisters here in Germany are old and many some of them are sick in despite of their old age, so they need help and support. But the sisters still try very hard to do a lot themselves or to help. I can learn from my fellow sisters here in Germany that my vocation is still there in old age – or has deepened and strengthened through life. So the sisters get up every morning and come to the chapel even though their health is not so good. They love community life and hold on to it for as long as possible. This gives me the courage and strength to have time for the sisters, to listen to them, to treat them with appreciation and respect and to help them wherever I can.

I thank all the sisters for the love they showed me. God bless us all.

Sister Bakhita.