At the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki, on September 3, there was a night vigil for the people involved in the activities and mission of the “Bakhita” association.

#Bakhita network is an inter-religious cooperation and support section established to combat and prevent trafficking in human beings and to assist victims of this trafficking. Members of the nationwide Bakhita Network are people belonging to various religious congregations, associations, as well as lay people dedicated to this cause. Among them there are people directly working with victims of human trafficking, working in various types of aid institutions and people involved in the broadly understood prevention and educational and preventive activities. From the very beginning of this initiative, the sisters of our Congregation, who also influenced the creation of this work, have been participating in it.

The theme of the vigil was: “MERCY GIVES LIFE”.

During the Eucharist, Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, who said that: “Forgiveness is not forgetting … Forgiveness is a decision … We forgive a person when we try to heal him … a form of treatment is that Jesus and His disciples sit with the tax collector at the table … It’s some kind of communion and that’s what heals. Forgiveness is something that must involve you and that comes with a relationship, with some real encounter … ”

There were moving testimonies of people who experienced the healing power of Divine Mercy – glory to the Lord ❣❣❣ and the conference of Dr. Fr. Krzysztof Matuszewski – “The Miracle of Forgiveness” 👍❤

The “Gospel Sound” choir and the band “Sister Anna and Friends” with a beautiful singing and music enriched the entire night of prayer – thank you 🙏❤

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