95th birthday

There is spread of Corona everywhere and all the restrictions spoken – yes it is to be taken seriously …

But there is also something else in this world –

Namely – a special day with the sisters in Cochem on the Klosterberg. Our sister M. Franziska today on October 28, 2020 is turning 95 years old. Unfortunately we did not have holy mass in the house, but we had the feast with the sisters with a word service in our beautiful chapel on the topic:

„Lord you know me –

You see me through to the bottom“

after Ps. 139 began.

Of course, the well-known and beloved songs like – Closer even closer to her heart became firmly established there too. Jesus pulled her in joy and pain … and Hail Queen song.

All of the sisters then enjoyed lunch in the refectory – the ice cream portions are particularly important.

When I asked Sister Franziska if she would be young again whether she would go to the Sisters of Mary again. Her answer to that, ‘“of course, Sister Superior – I know the sisters from home, because the Sisters of Mary were in Priestewitz and Sister Asisa once bandaged my arm. Yes, and because she helped me so well, she was always allowed to cut the flowers herself in our garden for the Mother of God in the church. Our whole family had a good relationship with Our Lady and the Sisters of Mary and that will last as long as we live.“

Sister Franziska is the oldest sister in the German Province and we are grateful that she lives here in our convent !!!


Sister M. Felicitas