Thursday 8 June

Corpus Christi – Solemnity
First reading – Deuteronomy 8:2-3,14-16
The discourse of Moses to the People of God is exactly the whole history of Salvation. God wants to be with His people. God liberates us. God feeds us. God leads us. Also, God wants that we are humble enough to establish our relationship with Him. When God feeds us, it’s a sign. It’s a symbol. It shows how much we are dependent on Him. It shows what is important in our life. It indicates how we should make decisions in our life. Our life is a life dependent on God. Dependent not in the sense of subordination but in the sense of a relationship. God wants to show His love and we must accept that love with an open heart. That means in humility. Only the pride of heart closes our heart to God. Our heart is to be open to God. The love of God comes down from heaven as the manna, the bread to be eaten. The love of God which wants to disappear into us so that we can live, we can act, and we can survive. It’s the humility that lets God to act like that. Let’s reflect: Am I humble enough to welcome the gift of God’s love which comes to us in the form of bread?