Jubilee Advent

I have on my desk  right in front of my eyes – a picture of the cheerful sister Dulcissima. The smiling God’s handmaid, whom we say is a Child of Grace, barely survived 26 years, or 25 advents. However, not least to say that it was the Silver Advent, it was fortified for her in longing for heaven. Sister Dulcissima was raised by two Advent, spiritual wings. Maranatha! It’s a form of waiting for the birth of the Lord Jesus, and a great longing to meet with Christ coming in glory. Yes! Sister Dulcissima in Advent she waited for Eternity.

All those I have to leave, do not be afraid of death, for life eternal awaits. (…) Just don’t forget to pray that I may also bring you there where God is happy. What a joy to see that I am going to meet Him! In a letter of December 15 to Mother General Clotilde  Mende, confirms this fact to the sister who took care of her, sister superior, Lazaria Stefanik, when she writes: (…). Sr. M. Dulcissima longs for heaven very much and constantly asks St. Teresa, to help  her go to Jesus. Sometimes he endures suffering that is impossible for human beings and yet helps  us at home.

Green glasses

The time  Sr. Dulcissima was waiting for Christmas was also struggling with disease. Advent of 1933 is a time when our sister’s eyesight deteriorated. Because of this she started seeing less and less, and this caused  limited possibilities in her independent movement. Then she put on green glasses to ease the head pain, and in her heart she contemplated Jesus and waited for the moment when she will see him face to face . The sister lived with hope, looked with hope, loved the present moment in hope to meetHim in eternity. It is hope that increased her desire to be joyful to meet with Jesus in her heart.

Violet days

The terrible  suffering of Advent 1934 was offered for the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate and her superiors. In prayer, she also remembered  priests and the souls in Purgatory. Apparently her sufferings were very strong and severe, as mentioned on December 8 in a letter to superior, Sr. Maria Lazaria,in December adds: More and more the Savior is demanding from Sr. M. Dulcissima. The pain is gradually increasing. There will come great riots. In one country, in other country persecution will stop (…) Sister Dulcissima had a cry for help which she couldn’t forget. He saw priests and religious who were imprisoned by their enemies. Imploringly asks for help for these people. We should also be helped if they treat us like this. As nuns, we can pray, offer a lot, collect merit and give them to others. The world hangs in a thread and that hair is the sacrificial soul. For Sister Dulcissima, the next Advent of 1935 is an experience of abandonment by a spiritual friend, Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, who had promoted so much to her, now she does not come to her throughout Advent. This is how it allowed sister Dulcissima to go her own way to the children of Bethlehem.

They intensified that  there was pain in the heart and spasmodic crying day and night, and so on for three and a half weeks – almost no sleep. God’s handmaid became like helpless, little child, not only in speech, but also in all her behavior. The glow of the Star of Bethlehem While waiting for the Nativity of the Lord, Servant of God, sister Maria Dulcissima Hoffmann pleaded for the grace of hope, looked with hope, and bore hope within herself. With hope it is more than optimism. It is the way of living and giving. It is the bridge between faith and love. Let God shake us by the surprising newness of the Light He will reveal.

Let the question of the Bride of the Cross about Advent’s hope lead us to celebrating Christmas in the light of the star of Bethlehem. Let us be guided by the words of the Sister who was sanctified in her religious life: Soon there will be a Christmas celebration. What does Christmas mean for a soul? Christmas means: the coming, the birth of Jesus Christ in our Souls. Your heart should also already be adorned with graces of Holy Communion because he will also knock on you and ask for entrance. What do we want Him to give? What treasure of grace and cross he will bring us? As God wills, yes should! Just have the courage and think often: I want, I must and I can be a saint! Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! And when Christmas comes, according to Sister Dulcissima’s words: Let us often approach the Blessed Sacrament and take a lot of treasures, strength and courage for the New Year. We will receive everything there: trust in God and submit to God’s Will.

S. M. Małgorzata Cur SMI