Why is this medal so valuable?

A gift out of this world.

A wonderful medal that we receive when making our first religious vows is not only a sign of belonging to the Congregation of Mary Immaculate, but it is also an expression of our dedication to God in imitation of Mary. Can it therefore be concluded that the miraculous medal is a spiritual gift from Mary, offered to the brave women who want to express their ‘fiat mihi secundum verbum Tuum’ in their lives (Luke 1:38)? Certainly! The guarantee is the assurance that the Mother of God has given st. Catherine Labouré, revealing to her this sign of its strange presence: All who wear this medal will enjoy great favors, especially if they wear it around their necks. For those who trust in me I will grant  many graces. The power of calling Helena Joanna Hoffmann, a real Silesian, boldly crosses our thresholds Congregation with a living desire to imitate Mary and be like her. Helena, as a novice, was given the name Maria Dulcissima, and when she made  the first vows, as a sister of Mary Immaculate, she received a miraculous medal of her image. The desire to “be like Mary” is nurtured in prayer, where she asks, that Mary would mold her soul like the joyful song of thanksgiving “Magnificat” (Luke 1: 46-55). Miraculous medal of Sister Maria Dulcisisma has established herself as the one who carries Jesus, who – how Mary – quietly serves the gift of prayer. Her prayer changes a lot, it becomes a source of joy, it smells of the greatness of God’s Mercy and contributes to many changes in life attitudes, but also healings. In Brzezie nad Odrą, in the place where she spent her last years of service, she is called the “Angel of Goodness”. By visiting Brzezie families with their guardian, Sister Maria Lazaria Stefania, the superior, it brought faith and kindled hope where the experience of illness weakened love and trust in God. Today I still see how Sister Dulcissima came to us with Sister Lazaria. she was leaning with one hand on Sister Lazaria and with the other hand under her arm “Wooden scepter” Sister Dulcissima made signs of crosses on our foreheads and she blessed – remembers Kazimierz. ‘In the sixteenth week of pregnancy, I was diagnosed that I would give birth to a boy with a big severe heart defect. The doctors’ prognosis was not favorable. Then my grandmother gave me a wonderful medal from Sister Maria Dulcissima, which I wore until the day of delivery. At that time, I only asked my sister for strength in this difficult  trial, and the suffering I experienced, I offered for the intention of my son – confesses Grażyna’. Medals and many other memorable  belongings to Sister Maria Dulcissima, people  brought and still bring to the Memorial Chamber of the community in Brzezie. One of the oldest female residents of Brzezie, Mrs. Lucy Bugdol (95), tells about Fr. The “extraordinary visit” of God’s handmaid in their home: Dulcissima used to visit her mother and little sister Teresa. She said that she would be a spiritual mother for her and she gave Teresa a medal. I have this precious medal. It’s a relic. ABOUT! As in many families, even in hospitals, I always borrow as soon as someone asks, but I have to be sure that she will come back to me when it fulfills its purpose. I already told my [relatives] to give it to the monastery when I die. In this way, the miraculous medal, a precious family heirloom, travels through the families of Brzezie on the Oder. Passed from hand to hand, it enlivens and strengthens her love for Mary’s presence in so many homes. And the prayer of Sister Maria Dulcissima continues:

Dear Mother of God, You must lead souls to the Savior. You know the best you can get started and how you can get it. I am sure that it is also thanks to the conviction in the effectiveness of intercessory prayer of Sister  Maria Dulcissima, the promise of the Immaculate is fulfilled, which pours graces on all people who ask her for it. Let the cry bear its fruit:

O Mary, conceived without original sin, pray for us who have recourse to You, which rises in our hearts to Heaven and is repeated at the request of the Mother of God countless times by Christians around the world! May the request of Sister Maria Dulcissima be granted: Mary, You are our Advocate and Comforter, do everything well and lead us through the darkness to the eternal light!


Sister Maria Małgorzata Cur SMI