Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, I waited a long time for permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines to issue a visa for me. And finally, I managed to get it, and then buying a ticket and the visa itself, went through without a problem. The journey was long, first, from Warsaw to Amsterdam, where I waited almost 6 hours for a flight to Manila, and this flight took about 15 hours. In Manila, at the airport, all passengers had to undergo testing on Covid 19. Which I did as required, then, after taking my luggage, I went for two days to a previously booked hotel designated by the government of the Philippines to wait for the test result. When I got to the hotel it was already 21.

The hotel also had Covid 19 regulations that had to be followed. Meals were brought to everyone’s door and the doorbell announced them. On the second day in the morning at 9 I got an email with my result, which was negative. I called Sister Klaudia so that she could pick me up because my result was negative, I also informed the hotel about it.

And thank God Sr. Klaudia picked me up from the hotel at 2 pm. So far I am getting to know work and surroundings.


Sr. M. Agata