Feast of All Souls in Cochem on the Klosterberg

Because, yes, everything is different this year – so there was no grave blessing in our cemetery. Nevertheless, we lit the lights on our sisters’ graves and prayed for them.


Brother Michael from the Franciscan Friars from the befriended monastery but Ebernach had cards of the sisters from Treis and our Convent in our chapel on the Klosterberg during the Holy Mass for every departed fellow sisters of the congregation.

He brought the following meditation text from Norbert M. Becker for this purpose:

God we entrust you with these sisters. Hold them tight in your arms!

Give them your mercy in the sheltering power of your rest.

God we entrust you with these sisters.

Give them  healing of all wounds in the comforting power of your love.

Take them into your peace, give them new life in the glory of your kingdom.

God we entrust you with these sisters.

And we believe your loyalty and hope for the new life on their way to your joy.

Lord give all our departed sisters eternal life and let  the perpetual light shine upon  them.

Let them rest in your peace!


Sister. M. Felicitas