Religious vows express what is invisible to the eyes. It becomes mystical engagement with Christ to fulfill your vocation in the service of God and the Church and in striving for personal holiness.

It is a tradition that each year in August and September are joyful months for sisters from the Tanzania Region doing religious celebrations.

After proper preparations and formation, successive groups of sisters make temporary or perpetual vows.

There is also great joy in the candidate community, because subsequent girls start the postulate whereby others join novitiate.

For two years there has been joy in the Silver Religious Jubilees.

Also this year, we are preparing for these events that will take place on August 28 the day of the feast of St. Augustine. However, due to the still existing pandemic threat, there will be celebrations that have a changed congregational character. All celebrations will be held in Chikukwe in one group. Unfortunately, sisters’ parents, family and friends will not be able to attend.

This year, five candidates will start their postulates.

Four postulants will go to the novitiate.

The temporary profession will be made by three novices: Sr. Emilia, Sr. Stephania, Sr. Marcelina

Four junior sisters will make their profession: Sr. Regina, Sr. Clelia, Sr. Inocencia and Sr. Teodora.

On this long-awaited day, we wish our sisters a beautiful wedding with Jesus Christ. Some will receive wedding rings, others a medal, others a habit with a white veil, and the candidates, postulants’ dress. Let these signs be to them daily from that day on, a reminder about God’s call and vows.

Our vow of chastity allows us to love God freely and serve all people.

By pledging to live in poverty, we express our desire to participate in poverty to

the Savior who became poor for us to enrich us with His poverty.

Finally, through the vow of obedience, we freely dedicate our will to God, and thereby we go deeper into the mystery of Christ and His plan of salvation.

By humbling himself in obedience, Christ shows us a more perfect way to love and worship the Father.

Let this day be a new beginning, a decision to never look back again.

Let our Immaculate Mother surround our sisters with her mantle of constant help.

Asking for prayer for our sisters,

Sr. Monika Kowarsz