Where is Sr. Dulcissima?

This simple November question that opens the conversation with God can be posed by looking at the resting place of our servant of God, sister Dulcissima Hoffmann.

Dozens of lamps, fresh flowers – all this testifies to the vivid memory of my sister, who was only three years old here in Brzezie. How many people stand at her mortal resting place here and now, brought by a hope that is sustained from generation to generation and never goes out. The sister is here and now.

This conviction, very vivid, brings the faithful to this place from near and far. Really many people stand in front of her tomb in person, regardless of the time of day or night. We receive a lot of e-mail messages, phone calls and prayer requests, which allows our community to be in the “Dulcissima Prayer Emergency”. And people write and share their experiences:

It often happens that the impulse to come to Sr. Dulcissima is an article in a newspaper, a heard testimony or even a random conversation.

I AM ASKING FOR HELP… In praying for a MIRACLE OF HEALING for Ahimek’s father… PLEASE… He is in the intensive care unit in Czeladź .. And we cannot be with him. My heart is breaking (Dagmara).

I would like to ask you for a novena prayer through the intercession of Sr. Dulcissima for the grace of healing for Isabella who is seriously ill and  who is in a coma in a hospital. I live in Germany (Isabella).

Forgive me for my mistakes in Polish because of my polish writing difficulties… I am asking for prayer and a scrap of material touched on the Sister’s grave (Martin from Brazil).

I had to come here. I dreamed of S. Dulcissima and she assured me that she would take care of me (Emilia from Belgium).

Where is Sr. Dulcissima?

Close to God who, in his goodness, uses the person of God’s handmaiden to bring to himself souls seeking and thirsting for grace.


Lord, the deaf regain their hearing and the blind eyesight, no one has yet left unheard of from the tomb of your servant. And do not despise my prayer, but deign to hear it. Amen.

Where is Sr. Dulcissima?

She herself betrays the desire and confidence of heaven, clearly naming her expectations: See you in heaven! I am happy to go to my Father’s house and I still want to help.

It is worth making friends with Sister Dulcissima, who is here and now, close to God and still willing to help.


I come to you, my sister Dulcissima, to ask you for advice and help. You were always in a hurry to help other people. You carried their burdens and led them to Heaven. I know that you will hear my request, therefore I am asking you with confidence, obtain for me God’s grace … and lead me on a straight path to Heaven. Amen.

In the Brzezie religious community, we pray a novena every day through the intercession of the servant of God, Sr. Maria Dulcissima Hoffmann, including all the intentions entrusted to us.

I invite you to pray together with a novena.

Dear Sister, Dear Brother!

You can pray the novena and ask for the intercession of the servant of God, Sister Maria Dulcissima Hoffmann, directly from your tablet or smartphone. You can find the application on Google Play at:


Sr. Maria Małgorzata Cur