Sunday 20 November

Christ the King – Solemnity
Gospel – Luke 23:35-43
Jesus is the King on the Cross. Crucified and humiliated in the Cross. But that King is the real king. Because in Jesus the Kingship is redefined. It is the not anymore, the earthly powers what determine the King. But it is the power to bridge the heaven and earth in love. It is the power to grant forgiveness in love. It is the power to embrace the sinner in love. It is the power to give one’s own life to the other in love. It’s the power to carry all the sins of the world out of love. That is the real power, the power of love. That is the real King. He saves us from our sins with His love. He embraces us with our weaknesses with His love. He does not judge. He does repairs for my sins. That is the King. Because He is God and became man out of His love for us to take to Him all our sins, weaknesses, and infirmities. In His love He becomes the absolution, becomes our strength, and becomes our healing. His love builds a community around that love. His love is the Kingdom, and He is the King.