Sunday 24 September

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
First reading – Isaiah 55:6-9
“my thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways not your ways”. This must be the principle of our thoughts. Our thoughts could be not the thoughts of the Lord. When we are convinced, when we are adamant, when we feel exclusive, when we speak as the sole carriers of truth, we must remember this Word of God. This very thought which I think as the truth could be not the thought of God. This very way which I think as the only way could be not the way of the Lord. This thought, this Word of God must make us humble and open to the light of the Gospel. Because the ways of the Lord are above our ways and the thoughts of the Lord are above our thoughts. So, we must seek the Lord by abandoning our selfish ways and by giving up our egoistic thoughts. Let’s reflect: Am I constantly aware of the fact that the way of the Lord could be above my ways?