From an article to healing

I am a Catholic newspaper journalist. I had a professional contact with the Servant of God, Sr. Dulcissima Hoffmann – one day I was just asked in the editorial office to write a text about this devout nun from Silesia. The editors responded to the request of Sr. Margret from the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, who promotes the person of Sr. Dulcissima. I was also one of those people who had not heard about the Servant of God before. I didn’t even want to take up this topic too much, because I thought that a friend who was considered to be a specialist in promoting pious nuns would better elaborate it, which I don’t really “feel”. In the end, I got the topic and I started working on the text.

After the first look at the website, I felt a great sympathy for the nice Helena Hoffmann, who was looking at me with sharp and piercing eyes from numerous photos posted on the Internet. I was captivated by the maturity of this young girl in accepting a serious disease, and I was touched by the local cult of her person and the common belief in her holiness in Brzezie. I also saw numerous testimonies of graces and healings through her intercession.

At that time, in our family, we had a nervous period of waiting for the surgery to be scheduled for the damaged ulnar nerve of our eldest daughter, Mary. When I saw the intent box on the website, I immediately put a prayer request there for a quick appointment of the operation date and its successful course. A thought crossed my mind that maybe something deeper was that I was the one who received this topic in the editorial office … Brzezie included their daughter in their novena through the intercession of Sr. Dulcissima. On the second day after the afternoon, information about the scheduled surgery was delivered from the hospital. I informed Sr. Margaret about it immediately, because I had no doubts that Sr. Dulcissima had her part in it. We and the Sisters continued to pray through the intercession of Sr. Dulcissima for Mary’s health. I printed a large photo of Sr. Dulcissima from the time she was a postulant, I put it on the table so that the Sister would accompany us at that time as well. I personally clung to Sister Dulcissima hard and intrusively, because the thought came back to me that it was a gift from heaven, that I received a request for an article about her at this very moment…..

Four days after the surgery was scheduled for us, Sr. Margaret sent me photos of Sr. Dulcissima to be used in the newspaper, and referring to Mary’s health in the e-mail, she wrote: “A thought has appeared in me several times> I would not be surprised if Mary did not need an operation. May God lead and Dulcissima … ask for whatever is necessary … ”. I did not pay much attention to these words, except that I thought that Sister Margaret’s faith was great … I continued praying the novena with zeal and faith, but the intention was only good fruits of the operation …

Then the events happened very quickly. I received an e-mail from Sr. Margaret with the remark that the operation may not be needed on Monday, on Tuesday we were with my daughter at a new physiotherapist, who at one point asked her to show what exercises she had previously performed on her hand, because due to nerve damage she was not able to bring, lead away and straighten IV and V fingers. Imagine my surprise when Mary freely spread all the fingers of her hand, which were almost completely straight. In addition, I was touched by the fact that the physiotherapist at that moment remarked: “It’s not so bad with your hand, Someone is watching over you, because after such accidents it is often worse”. Before the operation, I looked at my daughter’s hand almost every day, I asked her to show me how to straighten and withdraw my fingers, because I was afraid of a deterioration before the operation. Mary was unable to make such easy movements.

After leaving the physiotherapist, I examined my daughter’s hand and confirmed that there was a clear improvement, which would also indicate an improvement in the condition of the nerve itself. But considering that both my daughter and I had already seen things – sometimes we saw some progress and then research didn’t confirm it, I approached the whole event with caution. I decided to wait another day or two and then repeat the nerve examination with the neurologist. Mary herself was not convinced whether to repeat this test, because as she said – probably nothing has changed, and I am not supposed to talk about the fact that perhaps an operation will not be needed, because the operation will certainly be.

On Thursday, we registered for another EMG examination by a neurologist. I entered the office with the proverbial “soul on my shoulder” because I was afraid of the disappointment associated with an unfavorable diagnosis. However, to our great luck, the examination showed a significant improvement in the condition of the damaged nerve, so large and quick enough (only a month has passed since the previous examination, which was an indication for surgery), that the doctor immediately said that he advised against surgery, because the nerve had started successfully regenerate. Also, the consultation with the neurosurgeon who was supposed to operate on the daughter confirmed that in this situation the operation is absolutely inadvisable, and the nerve should be given time for further regeneration.

Actually, all the time we do not fully understand not so much the improvement of the damaged nerve, but the circumstances in which it happened. We have already visited the grave of Sr. Dulcissima with the whole family to thank for the favors received and we also share with others a little “our” beloved Sr. Dulcissima. She herself came to us, ignited our hearts with great sympathy for herself and the faith that she could help us and in a few days changed our lives by 180 degrees. Thank you Sr. Dulcissima!

Beata with her family