August 23 is the day that changed my perception of living as one. This is the day when I left for a new home without knowing exactly this place or the sisters who were there. But in my heart, I had a lot of peace.

I remember when I was supposed to leave right after breakfast, but God’s plans were different and we left at 3:00 PM at the Hour of Mercy, which was very significant to me.

Strzybnica is a small town where I came across the mantle of Mary and the Heart of Jesus.

When I entered the house to which I was directed by the Provincial Sister, I felt a great warmth, the love of the sisters who had been waiting for me since the morning. I felt safe and welcomed with love, joy, openness and such cordiality, and yet they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. The atmosphere in this house was unique because you could feel God’s Love in the first place.

The image of parish life that I saw contributed to the unity in our home community – it was a “living church” in which we formed a great family of God. when welcoming me to Holy Mass, he told me to feel at home … and it was like that during my two years there.

The community in which, by the Divine Will, I was given to be, was only a community of three and one generation, but the sisters who accompanied me were deeply prayerful people, from whom I could learn the life of prayer myself. They really loved and allowed themselves to be loved by Jesus and myself.

Each of us looked for good in the other and for the other. I remember how long we sat at meals and it didn’t bother us because we wanted to spend time together. We shared the day lived and Jesus’ experience in our lives. We enjoyed ourselves in freedom, because Jesus and Mary were among us, they united us. I knew that I could always count on them, even when it was hard and I had a difficult day – my sisters supported me with prayer … and it was beautiful.

Despite the fact that each of us has a different story, different experiences, we were connected by LOVE.

I thank God and the Sisters (Sr. Róża and Sr. Albina) for the time spent in Strzybnica, which showed me that creating unity is possible, as long as we are open to one another and accept ourselves as we are in the spirit of God’s love .

S.M. Sabina Adamowska