Monday 14 November

Monday of week 33 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 18:35-43
Jesus hearing the cry of that blind man amidst all the noises of the street. The man shouting all the louder amidst the people asking him to keep quiet. Here we see a beautiful exchange in the relationship between God and man. God always hears our cry irrespective of the circumstances. And we in our heart crave for God irrespective of the challenges. This is the reality in the heart of very human person. There is nothing outside of us or inside us that can hinder this movement of our heart towards God. God always listens to our heartbeats. When He finds that we are calling louder amidst the people asking us to keep quiet, He stops. “Jesus stopped and ordered them to bring the man to him”. Jesus stops for me and asks the same persons who asked me to shut up to bring me to Him. How beautiful! Jesus stops at my cry and I am taken to Him. So, what is that hinders you to call him louder?