The power of prayer

The inhabitants of Brzezie stand with great trust at the tomb of Sr. Dulcissima, praying for intentions that, humanly speaking, cannot be resolved. The belief that Sister Dulcissima continues to help (as she promised) is still alive and gives spiritual wings to those who ask God through her intercession.

Regina, as she says herself, is still in a very close relationship with God’s servant. Sister Dulcissima never let her down and one night she dreamed of asking her not to stop praying.

Among the many favors she tells about, there is also a childhood experience that poignantly tells about the healing of her mother Lucia. This testimony confirms the fact that prayer has great power.


In November 1956, my mother, Lucia became seriously ill. She was then 35 years old. At that time, there were five children at home, the youngest sister was 1 year old. Doctors gave no hope. The operation revealed a rupture and spilling of the gallbladder. Mom was all yellow, very quickly she had a very high fever of 40 degrees. She was taken to surgery. Despite the fact that her condition was really very serious, the doctor immediately decided that she needed an operation. Those were the years when there was no good medical equipment yet, it was difficult to diagnose what it was, but after surgery it turned out that my mother’s gallbladder ruptured with the first attack. It was very serious, my mother did not walk, but she remembered one moment when something or someone shook her, grabbed her and shook her. It was a breakthrough in this disease. After six months of hospital treatment, very emaciated, she was discharged from the hospital. We were counting on the fact that my mother might die.

At that time, the parish priest in Brzezie was Fr. Rudolf Adamczyk, who saw my father praying fervently in the church, approached him and told him: “Mr. Stawinoga, your wife is not going to die. We pray to Sister Dulcissima all the time. ” The doctor wanted to send my mother to the hospital in Wrocław for diagnostic purposes, but my father did not agree and said “I’m taking my wife home” to which the doctor replied: “but there is no help, your wife is already leaving.” Dad took Mum home and continued praying. After all this, my mother recovered quite quickly, and after five years my younger sister Maria was born.

A year has passed and my mother felt completely well, she decided to go to the doctor who treated her at the hospital to thank him for everything. When the doctor saw her, he got to his feet and said: “Are you alive? It’s a miracle”.

We know that our prayers have been answered. Sister Maria Dulcissima is the greatest treasure in our parish.

Prayer continues

In all our monasteries, we sincerely pray for the gift of beatification of the handmaid of God, Sr. M. Dulcissima Hoffmann. On the 18th day – each month – in the community in Brzezie, during the novena prayer, we read the intentions entrusted to us, which are sent by e-mail or by post.

We invite all readers of to pray together.

Detailed intentions can be sent to the address, or: Sisters of Mary Immaculate, ul. Archbishop Gawliny 5, 47-400 Racibórz Brzezie. Poland.

Sr Maria Małgorzata Cur