My name is Magdalena and I am 35 years old.

The Sisters of Mary Immaculate have always accompanied me in my life.

Already in kindergarten, the sisters taught me catechesis. While in primary school, Sr. Małgorzata ran a small community called “Children of Mary” to which I belonged. I remember wearing such blue capes back then. There were about 25 children of us We actively participated in Holy Masses – during Lent we led the Way of the Cross for children during the Rosary period, in October we led the rosary, and during Advent we went to the rorat.

Those were beautiful times.

Later, as a teenager, for several years I went on a retreat for girls in Bard Śląski or Wrocław, which were organized by the Sisters (I have contact with some of them who participated or led them). I remember the time of the retreat very well. It was an amazing time, a time of meeting new people, a time of integration with the Sisters and other girls, a time of getting to know the life of the Sisters. Daily Holy Masses, adoration, were extraordinary for me, I could come closer and get to know the love of the Lord Jesus, adore the Blessed Sacrament, be filled with God’s presence.

As a teenager, I was also a volunteer in the Nursing and Treatment Institution for children with mental and physical disabilities run by the Sisters. During the children’s visits, I also had the opportunity to go to the chapel to pray, sometimes I prayed the rosary and the breviary with the Sisters.

I was very eager to come to spend time with these children, play, cuddle them, make their time more pleasant, give them some love that they lacked, because they often did not have parents who would visit them.

This period was beautiful and at the same time difficult, because many of these children were seriously ill, but each was beautiful, because she was a child of God.

It was from there, from this voluntary service with the Sisters, that my vocation to work with sick people came to me. Currently, I have been working as a medical tutor for 13 years. Although sometimes my work is difficult, it gives me a lot of satisfaction because I can help another person in need, take care of him, smile, talk, do all the caring activities that they themselves are often unable to do on their own.

We do not really appreciate what we have until we ourselves are in the shoes of sick people, after accidents or strokes….

My motto in life is: “Treat another person as yourself would like to be treated “, so I try to take care of the people entrusted to me in the way I would like to be treated myself if I felt ill and needed constant care.

I am very happy that in my life I had the opportunity to meet the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. In the past, I even thought of becoming a nun, but I found out that my calling is to live in marriage life.

In retrospect, I can see that everything that I “sat up with” as a girl, later as a teenager by participating in the retreat organized by the Sisters, participating in volunteering, emanated on my further life.

The sisters taught me a lot, especially patience and empathy towards others.

Many people ask me this question: “Magda, where do you get your optimism from, you are always so smiling”. In fact, I get a lot from my faith and the work I do. I am a believer and it will never change!! I am happy with each new day given to me.

THE LORD’S LOVE IS GREAT! and more than once have experienced His presence in my life. Sometimes we complain that something went wrong … that we don’t have something. And do we wonder, Is it that important? Do material good count so much? Do positions, education constitute my value?

When Jesus took the cross on his shoulders – no one asked if he wanted to take it. He took the cross and then died for our sins. He did not complain that it was hard for him.

LET’S REMEMBER that everything that seems impossible to man with God everything is possible.