Mug of Sweet

“How beautiful it would be if each of us could say in the evening: today I made a gesture of love towards the other”

Pope Francis

While the world is engulfed in a pandemic, where we constantly hear about restrictions and the statistics break new records, I decided to appeal to my friends on the social networking site Facebook and invite them to the “A cup full of sweets” campaign. For many years I have been working in the Nursing Home in Racibórz, where 170 mentally and nervously ill people live. From February, residents are forbidden to leave the house, and visiting their relatives is also difficult. In November, our home “visited” Covid. It made my head come up with the idea that this “SWEET MUG” would make Christmas more enjoyable, sweeten life, bring a lot of joy and show the residents that someone remembers about them in such difficult pandemic times.

The action was received with great interest in the first days and I was sure that it would have a happy ending. In the second week of Advent, we already had our first cups – and even Christmas packages. I was touched that so many people joined the action, from children from kindergarten and school, through students, parish groups, office workers and simply our friends. It was with great emotion that we received two large packages from our Center in Klenica as well as from Sisters and Friends from Wrocław – Żerniki. None of us expected such a result, so we collected 748 cups! The kindness and devotion was so great that we shared the cups with other institutions:

SPOKOJNA PRZYSTAŃ – The Baborowie Nursing Home

  • Mother’s House “Maja” in Racibórz – Miedonia
  • Nursing Home in Gorzyce through contact with P. Sylvia from Pstrążna,
  • Association of the Friends of Men “Tęcza”
  • Open Heart Association for Children in Kuźnia Raciborska, Samborowice, Cyprzanów
  • Ziarenko Community Center in Branice
  • Nursing Home run by the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Kietrz
  • Multifunctional Care and Educational Center in Pogrzebień

I would also like to thank my Community, and especially Sr Particia, for their commitment and support for this great field of goodness.

It was possible to see emotion in the eyes of the residents that there was someone who remembered them. In the second half of January, a Mass will be celebrated. for the benefactors of our Advent adventure …

Sr. Joanna