Saturday 21 January

Saint Agnes, Virgin, Martyr
on Saturday of week 2 in Ordinary Time
First reading – Hebrews 9:2-3,11-14
In Jesus Christ, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies become one. He is the perfect space where the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies meet. He offered the perfect sacrifice. And why He did that? He did that for us, for each one of us. He offered himself as a perfect sacrifice to God through the eternal Spirit which can purify our inner self from dead action so that we do our service to the living God. Here we understand the importance of His sacrifice. It’s not with the blood of goats and bull calves, but with his own blood He won an eternal redemption for us. Since it’s His own blood, and as He assumed our nature, it is not anymore, a purification of our outward lives, but it’s the purification of our inner lives, a purification in our inner self from dead actions, actions which spread darkness. This purification enables us to do our service to the living God, a service which lights up the live of others. When you are sitting before Jesus in the tabernacle, this purification realizes itself, when you are participating in the Holy Eucharist, this purification becomes a reality. Let’s reflect: The blood of Jesus Christ makes a purification of our inner self as He participated in our nature through His incarnation.