Meeting for women in Pyskowice

In Pyskowice, at our monastery, the first formation meeting was held as part of a planned series of conferences addressed to women.
The September Saturday showed that it is worth meeting and that time is needed to be able to participate ‘together’ in Holy Mass and to listen to a conference on the subject of good rest.
It is worthwhile in this busy world to stop and meet over a good coffee, cake and in good company. So we bravely set about planning the next meeting, which took place last Saturday.
So we are happy .This is the second meeting!
First the Eucharist, a good homily and prayer for each other. On Saturday afternoon, in our parish church of St. Nicholas in Pyskowice, Father Jan Podstawka, the parish priest, celebrated Mass for the intention of the meeting’s participants.
After the Eucharist, over good coffee and sweet refreshments, the topic of the Most Sweet, Sister Dulcissima Hoffmann, the servant of God, was discussed by Sister Małgorzata Cur from Racibórz Brzezie.
Sister Agnieszka Szyma and Sister Malgorzata Cur complemented each other by talking about the great interest in the figure of Sister Dulcissima among people from various parts of Poland and abroad.
The Sisters of Brzezie recounted the testimonies of people who pray invoking Sister Dulcissima and who have experienced concrete help from God.
Our meetings for women are needed. This is what we see and feel.
We are already planning the next one, this time in January.
Best wishes from Pyskowice.

S.M. Elżbieta Bandziak SMI