Wednesday of week 6 in Ordinary Time
First reading – Genesis 8:6-13,20-22
The Ark of Noah is a symbol of how much we need each other in this creation. We all belong to the one nature which God created. He not only created but also protects it. He protected it through the ark of Noah. The humanity cannot be isolated from the nature. We are in symphony with the entire creation. It’s very symbolic when Noah waits on the reactions of the nature. He sent a raven and waited. Then he sent a dove and waited. The patience of man before the nature is what bring peace to the nature. When our selfishness and egoism want to produce more and more without listening to the nature, the olive-branch bring dove disappears from the nature. Everything is seen as part of a frenetic production unit. So as a coexistence of created beings in harmony under the Lordship of God. It’s important to listen to the nature with patience and see the entire creation as interdepending organism. This harmony is what makes the creation produce the appeasing fragrance to the Lord. Let’s reflect: Do I see the nature around me as production units for me or as members of the created world along with me?