Wednesday 16 November

Wednesday of week 33 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 19:11-28
“Take the pound from him and give it to the man who has ten pounds.” What we have is given for a mission. Our talents and abilities are given to us to be united to what the master has. We must use what is given to us to the intentions of the one who gave us the talents. When we feel separated from Jesus, we want to keep our talents for ourselves. Even we want to act against Him. We don’t want to accept Jesus as our Lord. We want to elect our own king. When this happens, we will lose what is given to us. We are loved by God. When we don’t recognize that love and when we don’t share that love with others, we are not acting according to the intentions of God who loved us first. We are keeping it in a piece of linen. God is loving us so that we faithfully share that love even in a very small thing. The more you love others, more God’s love will be showered on you, so that you can love even more others. Let’s reflect: Am I using the love of God which I receive to love others or am I hiding it for myself?