Saint Faustina Kowalska, Religious
Wednesday of week 27 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 11: 1 – 4
The disciples are observing the prayer life of Jesus. That is making a desire in the disciples to learn to pray. And Jesus is sharing something very precious. He is sharing his sonship with his disciples, with us. He is letting the disciples, us, call God His Father as our father. This is the fundamental point of prayer. The fatherhood of God and our participation in the sonship of Jesus. How much can we feel us daughters and sons of God in our prayer life? This is the starting point from where everything will be sanctified in Jesus and in everything the kingdom of God will come through the Holy Spirit. As daughters and sons of God, we need the daily bread to celebrate this relationship. As daughter and sons of God we need to grow in continue forgiving and we need to be protected from evil. So, the question is How much can I feel as a daughter or as a son of God in my prayer life?