Saint Ambrose, Bishop, Doctor
on Wednesday of the 2nd week of Advent
Gospel – Matthew 11:28-30
Jesus is putting before us a big offer. “Come to me… Shoulder my yoke…. learn from me……” and “you will find rest for your souls”. It is about the personal relationship we could have with Jesus Christ. Personal relationship which begins with going to Him, Being with Him and Learning from Him. Then we will have rest for our souls. Then we will have peace. Our intimate relationship begins with going to him in all situations and at times, not as the last resort but as the first resort. We have His welcome. Just go to Him. Then the second step is not just going but being with Him. Shoulder His yoke means being under His guidance. His guidance is easy and light because He takes all the responsibilities. While He guides us comes the third element of learning from Him. What we learn? That He will be there always and at times. So going, shouldering, and learning give us peace. Let’s reflect: Advent is the time for going to the love of God, shouldering the love of God, and learning from the love of God.