“Let’s share the good! Let all of Poland, and even the world, unite in expressing gratitude for the life and sanctity of John Paul II “- this was the invitation to participate in the action All of Poland sings “Barca”, which is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Saint John Paul II

As sisters from the community in Brzezie, we received an invitation to perform Barka from Mrs. Aleksandra Gamrot – the conductor of the “Brzezie Choir” to sing our thanksgiving to God for the gift of such a wonderful man as the Holy Father John Paul II.

Full mobilization and a quick decision to YES to try to meet the challenge.

I immediately thought to prepare this song, more broadly inviting “Barka”, our sisters from Poland and abroad to perform.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 slowed down the pace of the project, but the hope that it will be possible, that I have to, that … why not try to sing together, though separately … it carried me, and here it is! Barka sang with heart and heart, solemnly and with emotion. I would just give Barka a different title: “Seriously Serious in Barka”

And today we can sincerely thank Mrs. Aleksandra, choir Conductor, in Brzezie our Polish and Tanzanian sisters for jointly creating a musical card for John Paul II

Thank you



Sr. M. Małgorzata Cur SMI