I am happy to meet you here in our senior citizen center in Cochem on the Klosterberg, our employees. Yes, and today I happened to meet “our” Agatha while cleaning and just said to her:

“Nice that you are here and keep order:”

Her answer: Sister Agnes taught us how to make order 50 years ago.

I came to the Klosterberg in 1972 for a housekeeping year and then stayed with Sister Agnes for 25 years.

It was not always easy to get along with her and to please her … but for my personal life I have – learned a lot from her and I’m proud of that now.

Next year I will retire – then I was with the Sisters of Mary for a total of 50 years and I can only be amazed where the time has gone.

It was and is a precious time. I like to look back on the past few years – even now I like coming into the house and am always happy when I do.

“My Sisters of Mary” meet – they always have a good word for us employees and we know that they pray for us … that feels so good !!!

Yes, what would have become of me – if the sisters hadn’t accompanied me on my journey through life.

I am very grateful to everyone and I will continue to be loyal to the sisters. The sisters have now grown old and maybe I can at least give them back some of the good things I got from them ”.

Ms. Agatha works as an employee in all housekeeping areas in Klosterberg. She ensures order in the whole house, even in the places that are otherwise easily overlooked.

We thank her and wish her continued God’s blessings.


Sister M. Felicitas