Tuesday 15 November

Tuesday of week 33 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 19:1-10
“They all complained when they saw what was happening”. Did Jesus do something unjust? Something bad? No. Why then they all were complaining? Only because they were all jealous about the joy of Zacchaeus. They think that he does not deserve this attention of Jesus. Because they didn’t know the anxious Zacchaeus who wanted to see who Jesus is. Because they didn’t know the running Zacchaeus ahead of Jesus. Because they didn’t know the climbing Zacchaeus on the sycamore tree where Jesus was to pass by. But Jesus knew this Zacchaeus. This is the speciality of the love of Jesus. He sees our desires; He sees our attempts, and He acknowledges it. When good things happen to others, let’s not complain and let’s not judge because God sees what we don’t see. He has His plans. We must see all things in this perspective. Let’s reflect: Am I complaining in my heart when good things are happening to others?