I am very happy and thank God and the superiors of our Congregation for a year break in my mission work, I can go again to missionary work, this time not in Tanzania but in the Philippines in Manila. In the present time of  pandemic, after a long wait and uncertainty whether I will get permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Manila for inssuance by the Embassy of the Philippines in Poland for a visa, I have obtained a written permission. After a few days, I was at the Embassy of the Philippines in Warsaw, I will collect my visa and special entry permit, and on November 12 I will fly to Manila and I will join Sr. M. Klaudia. Together we will conduct missionary works and apostolate among the poorest neighborhoods of Manila.

I am asking everyone to pray not only for themselves but for our missions in the Philippines that we may continue the missionary work of Kosiło and our Congregation.

I cordially greet all the mission friends with my prayers.

May the Name of the Lord be blessed now and forever!


Sr. M. Agata Sobczyk