Jubilee in the days of epidemic

In Berlin, on May 14, in the Provincial House of the German Province, 6 sisters celebrated their Jubilee of the 60th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of their religious life. Initially, this ceremony was planned for April 18 this year, but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. For a long time, it was not known when the opportunity to celebrate will be. at the end, the Provincial Superior of Germany S. Cordula decided to celebrate the Jubilees in May despite the ongoing epidemic. This meant that the celebration would be very modest, in a monastery closed to outsiders. It turned out, however, that the Bishop of the Diocese of Berlin, Archbishop Heiner Koch, promised to celebrate a solemn Mass on May 14 and celebrate with his sisters. Although relatives of Jubilates could not attend the ceremony due to the ongoing epidemiological crisis, it was an unusual celebration.

Some of the Jubilates recall this time: “At first we were a little sad that no one from the General house in Rome or visitors from outside could participate in this important celebration for us. We have all had doubts about the celebration of the Jubilee without our relatives, who are always invited to these celebrations. Now, in perspective, it must be admitted that despite these difficulties we have experienced an extraordinary holiday. Our Jubilee, which was supposed to be a great occasion, turned out to be a very intense and personal experience, in the circle of co-sisters, with a lot of time, with great peace and gratitude to God for so many graces that we have experienced during our religious life. During previous anniversaries, we were usually busy with our guests, talking to them, taking pictures, exchanging memories and messages from families. These things are important and beautiful, but the essence of the celebration, the deep gratitude and joy of God’s pursuit of a long religious life, with all its ups and downs, was often somewhat over looked.  This year  this holiday has become a spiritual event, an opportunity for a deeper encounter with the sisters, but above all a day of personal thanks giving to God for our own vocation, in the certainty that He will continue to walk with each of us and will not leave on our own. In this certainty, we have renewed our religious vows and we are happy to continue our journey to the future. Even a time of crisis can become a time of grace. “