Mother of God we call to you

Every year in May we go on pilgrimage with our home residents to venerate Mary in a special way. This time we visited the pilgrimage church Maria Magdalena a small church very close to Cochem with the
“miraculous Mother of the Mountain” on the Valwigerberg.

Through a church known as
“image of the miraculous mother of the mountain”.
Our Lady statue, which was created around 1400 from softwood,
which was made of soft wood around 1400,
a lively pilgrimage business developed on the Valwigerberg.
In the past, up to 2,000 pilgrims came daily on Marian feasts.
Even today, several pilgrimages take place on a smaller scale.

Yes, our residents always look forward very much to the pilgrimage. Of course, everyone gathered in front of our house very punctually for the departure. The oldest pilgrim who took part is 100 years old and a Protestant – but she didn’t let that stop her.

We presented all our intentions to Our Lady and, of course, sang the beautiful old Silesian Marian songs.
After the pilgrimage and coffee we went back home with happy residents.

One of the residents said: “Hopefully we will all be alive next year so that we can visit Our Lady on Valwigerberg again.

Sister M. Felicitas