Friday 5 May

Friday of the 4th week of Eastertide
First reading – Acts 13:26-33
“‘We have come here to tell you the Good News. It was to our ancestors that God made the promise but it is to us, their children, that he has fulfilled it, by raising Jesus from the dead. As scripture says in the second psalm: You are my son: today I have become your father’”. God promises and saves. Promise is made to our forefathers in faith. But the promise is fulfilled in Jesus. Promise is fulfilled by raising Jesus from the dead. How is the promise fulfilled by the resurrection? The promise is fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus because in Jesus Risen, we become sons and daughters of God the father. Jesus the only Son of God died for our sins. But He gained victory over death because He was raised by God the Father. So, in Jesus Risen we are liberated to become sons and daughters of God. Our faith in Jesus Risen is the faith that liberates us to be sons and daughters of God the Father. Our sins are forgiven in Jesus Christ and in Him we are liberated. Let’s reflect: How much am I grateful to God for fulfilling His promise to our forefathers?