Senior Choir “Rusty Throats”

In the retirement home St. Katharina in Treis-Karden the choir director, Sr. M. Ursula Potulski, tells the story of how this came about extraordinary choirs:

„The rusty throats“ were created at the suggestion of an employee at one Advent celebration 2013. It took until September 2014 until we got on 14.09.2014 with 16 residents of our senior citizens house and the daughter-in-law of a resident, Mrs. Löhr, who was able to hold the 1st choir rehearsal. We rehearsed autumn songs for the autumn festival and had success. When we went for the rehearsal of Advent celebrations, it was harder to find beautiful songs than it should be Advent and not yet Christmas chorus. Mrs. Löhr really liked helping me. She played our wish songs from CD’s and copied the texts. Also the employees of the administration and the social service have always  supported me. I could always come and ask if they’d read lyrics from songs for me, print among other things .. The employees even designed and helped us with the song folders Cover sheet and empty sleeves provided so that I always have the old songs taken out and insert the new sheets. During various times, Ms. Löhr directed the choir on hospital stays or rehabilitation of mine, otherwise it would not have continued. Our repertoire includes film Melodies from the 20s – 60s, operetta melodies and musicals and of course also folk songs. For Mother’s Day 2015 we gave a one-hour concert and everyone was very excited. This year our 6th Mother’s Day concert should have taken place, but Corona has interrupted our plans. Our last choir rehearsal was on March 9th, 2020. Of course we also sang at Holy Mass on some public holidays and the Singers have always been very proud of it. A special event for us was when we recorded a CD. It was very exciting for us, because 2 employees from the recording studio came to us. 12 Songs were recorded and we had to sing each song twice. It was very exhausting for the singers, but they were very proud when the people praised them for their perseverance and clear pronunciation.

The television was also with us and broadcast for 1 minute through our choir. 3 years ago we sang at the parish festival, where we had a “musical Italy trip “, with songs like:” Come with me to Italy “, “O mia bella Napoli”, “Wenn bei Capri ..” etc. with the song “Arrivederci Roma” all singers waved an Italian flag. It was a great success.

By the way, when we perform in choirs we wear reddish-brown scarves to match the names. Our nursing manager got us these scarves. Our names were created by the residents themselves, who said their voice was now rusty.


Yes, and now we are not allowed to sing at all, neither choir rehearsals nor singing circles in worship. It’s a shame and the residents always ask: when we are finally singing again.

Sr. Ursula Potulski