The name of English Medium Primary School in Mwanga is Johane Schneider. John Schneider is a Patron of our school.

This school is for children from 5 to 13 years old. The children are getting education for their life and also, they are getting moral education and religion apart from other education.




In the beginning the people who live here in Mwanga, heard the name of school and see the photo of John Schneider, they didn’t understand the origin and nature of the name.

Always they used to say this name is a school name but difficult in pronunciation and very strange especially “Schneider”. They always ask who is that man?

Some people used to say

  • This man is from Europe is the one who build the school.
  • This man is the owner of school
  • This man is a priest but is the one who rise the fund of building school
  • This man is saint he is a patron of student so sisters take him as patron and they use his name.

Slowly through the explanation of the sisters some of the people come to understand. that John Schneider is the founder of our Congregation.


Due to the presence of this school in Mwanga our founder is wide known in many areas in Tanzania, although until now many people used to call our school as SCHOOL OF SAINT JOHN SCHNEIDER!


After educating the pupils and explaining about our founder, now they come to know and understand a bit who is John Schneider. Nowadays they used to call him a second name “Schneider” only, even the people surrounding us called our school the school of Schneider and they pronounce very well although the name is so strange in our place. we are expecting some of the parents to give their new born name of Schneider.


By Sr. Maksymiliana SMI