Unity, love, harmony in our community of 3 sisters. We live in unity, each of us caring for each other, as one family we are united by the words of our founder (Be united if you want to thank me and do acts of compassion in my name)

In the 2 years I have lived in this community, I have learned many good things from my colleagues, who received me with love and were willing to teach me what they are doing for the mission of our congregation. Despite the difficulties of language but the language of love was uniting us more than the language of words, in our community each one opens her heart for others and each is responsive to the other. When one offends another we immediately apologize before the sun sets. We have time to pray and adoration every day, eat together, have recreation and meditate together, we also visit homeless people on the streets and we talk to them and they are very happy when they see sisters visiting and talking to them. Also here at home we have women and children and we talk to them and celebrate together the birthdays and holidays of each of us and sometimes we pray Holy mass with them in our small chapel here at home. Because of our unity we feel that the parents and relatives of one of us are brothers and sisters.

Dear sisters, let us live together in love and peace.

Sr .M. Helena Chialo