Mary, the Holy Mother of God
Gospel – Luke 2:16-21
“As for Mary, she treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart”. Treasuring and pondering…which the heart of Mary, the Holy Mother of God does! How she does that? She does that by saying “fiat” to the will of God and the Word of God always. A constant “yes” to the Word of God can be only the result of treasuring and pondering of the effect of the same Word of God in her life. Not just any treasuring and pondering but doing it in her heart. Doing it in the depth of the soul, in her heart. The Word of God becomes the only treasure and all the thoughts come from it. Only if we really think about the context of the Gospel, we will understand what it means “treasuring and pondering”! They did not get place in inn, the child is born in manger, some shepherds passed by to greet the child… so what is she treasuring and pondering…? It’s the faith in the Word of God that she is treasuring and pondering despite all the contrary situations in which she is living and experiencing. Let’s reflect: are we ready to continue treasuring and pondering the Word of God despite the contradictories which we live?