Saints Charles Lwanga and his Companions, Martyrs
Saturday of week 8 in Ordinary Time
First reading – Ecclesiasticus 51:17-27
“I have stretched out my hands to heaven and bewailed my ignorance of her; I have directed my soul towards her, and in purity have found her”. The Word of God is instructing us how to get Wisdom. This Wisdom is the joy of our heart in our relationship with God. Wisdom is achieved by our relationship with God. I have stretched out my hands to heaven. Only in relationship with God we can attain wisdom because God is the source of wisdom. And this relation with God is achieved by two things. First, we have to seek Wisdom in our relationship with God. This is more than just calling God. It is about recognizing the profoundness of God’s love for us. Often, our relationship with God remains in a superficial level of our necessities and concerns. But it can go profound in diving deep into the depth of God’s love for us and its implications in our daily life. And then that Wisdom becomes the delight of our heart. This acquiring of Wisdom happens when we are humble. “By bowing my ear a little I have received her, and have found much instruction”. Wisdom from God is welcomed in being humble. Even it does not stop there, once you have that Wisdom, you put that Wisdom into practice. God’s love pushes you to put love into practice. Let’s reflect: Am I trying to acquire the Wisdom from my relationship with God?